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BlaBlaCar is Here to Help You with the Odd-Even Formula

Ipsita posted on 31st December

The odd-even formula that’s been proposed by the Delhi government has been grabbing a lot of eyeballs lately, and not without reason: A sudden change like this can affect our everyday lives in a big manner, which is where BlaBlaCar plans to come to the rescue.

What’s BlaBlaCar?

BlaBlaCar is an online community that connects car owners {with seats to spare} with folks looking for a ride on the same route. Their website and app plans to make travel more social, cost-effective, and efficient for all those who’re using the platform.

They're present in over 20 countries {seriously, they have 20 million car owners and passengers on board!} so you know it's going to be safe. It's easy if you’re willing to let fellow commuters occupy those empty seats in your car, or if you’re looking for a spare seat yourself, you can take BlaBlaCar’s help to make the process much simpler.

Where does the odd-even formula come in?

If you’re a car owner with an odd number plate, you can post repetitive rides on BlaBlaCar for all the odd dates in a month on the calendar {and vice-versa}. Folks looking for a ride can check out your profile and request to ride with you, and then basis their experience, they can rate you as well - thus making the process transparent for everyone.

What about the days you can't take your car out on the streets? You can make use of users with even or odd number plates {depending on your requirement} and carpool with them to your destination.

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