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Kosha Mangsho, Hilsa Biryani & Baked Mishti Doi At Bong Appetit

    Qutab Institutional Area, Delhi


    Bengali restaurant Bong Appetit in Qutab Institutional Area is the ideal place to indulge in some authentic Bengali dishes. There’s lots of mutton and fish along with a bar menu.

    What's On The Menu?

    Once we planted ourselves at a table, we tried their Paramount Style Tender Coconut {a concoction of fresh coconut water, coconut chunks, malai and sugar} and aam pora while we waited for our home-style Bengali meal. The Golbari Style Kosha Mangsho {round house mutton} was the first to appear, along with a basket of luchi and parathas. The meat was tender and well-spiced, with just a hint of sweet.

    The Midnapore Masala Crab was next. Served in its shell, this one’s not for the knife and fork using dainty eater. The best way to tackle this is to dig in using your fingers and teeth, and suck the soft meat out. This can be quite the feast if you like your food spicy. We ended the main course with the Ilish Biryani {be weary of the numerous kaantas}. They also have chicken and mutton variants, which are available only on weekends.

    So, We're Saying...

    The next time you’re craving a spot of mangsho or maach bhaat, we nominate Bong Appetit. In a hurry? Grab one of their Kolkata-style rolls and wraps. Don’t worry, they’ve kept vegetarians in mind too.

      Qutab Institutional Area, Delhi