What is it?

Hosted by the Bengali Literary Society of St. Stephen’s, every year you can sign up for this Bengali luncheon and have your mind blown with the range of amazing dishes. Starting from the appetisers to the desserts, this is going to be a sumptuous meal at one of the most beautiful colleges in Delhi.

Who is it for?

Bengalis who miss home, non-Bengalis who want to try out some of the most amazing dishes, and everyone else who wants to eat some chicken, fish and rosogolla.

Why should I go for it?

1558397_246673398834782_1548079176_nThe menu comprises bhaat, Moong Dal, Aloo Bhaja, Shukto, luchi, Aloo Dum and Chhana Kofta, to speak of a few. The fish and mutton variants have Rui Machher Kalia and Mangshor Jhol respectively. You can also get some chutney, papad, rasgulla and Mishti Doi to end that crazy journey. If this isn’t reason enough, prices start at just INR 230.


Keep that tummy empty! Contact members here for coupons.

When: 27 January

Where: St. Stephen’s College Dining Hall

Nearest Metro Station: Vishwavidyalaya

Price: INR 230 {veg}, INR 250 {fish} and INR 280 {mutton}

Timings: 2.30pm onwards

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