Navni posted on 31st July

Read, Think, Discuss With Book Clubs in the City

If you’re the type to read between the lines and explore the various genres of literature, consider joining a book club. Not only will you meet like-minded people, but you’ll also get the chance to discuss your interpretations of whatever book you’re immersed in at the mo. Here are some leads on the groups you can join.

Delhi Book Lovers

Founded in 2012, Delhi Book Lovers is 2100 {and growing} members strong. The group aims to provide a common platform for authors and readers alike to promote and discuss new books. DBL also goes beyond the basics of a book club by organising frequent writing workshops, debates {complete with a panel of judges} and literary festivals.

For more details, visit their website here  or follow their Facebook group here 

Novel Ideas

Started by Investment Banker Sunil Sharma, Novel Ideas came about 2011, when he came back to India and wanted to get back to reading. Currently 300 members strong, the club gives each member the freedom to present a case on a book they want everyone to read, and if the presentation is compelling enough for everyone, the book is finalised and the group meets again in a month at a coffee shop or a restaurant {each session sees about 10-15 members}. They’re open to any genre and type of book, from a George RR Martin to a Khaled Hosseini. The club is open to anyone who has a flair for reading and discussing.

Contact: Email or call Sunil at +91 9717719898

Delhi Book Club

Fancy a session of role-play? Delhi Book Club meets once a month at a member’s house, decides on a book everyone wants to read and discusses it in the next session. Not only do they debate their takes, they even dress up as the characters and do a bit of dialogue exchange. Super fun!

For more details and to get in touch with them, click here

Delhi Humour Book Club {Meetup}

A super new club {they started out this June}, they call themselves a group of 15 eggheads. They’re all about reading and discussing books that are funny and make you laugh. If you fancy mulling over a humourous book over a cuppa coffee, do get in touch with these guys.

For more details, check them out on Meetups here 

Reading Caterpillar

If you want to sign your little one up for a world of reading, Reading Caterpillar is your place. They have an interactive and fun library full of curated books for children from the age of 1 up till 10. They also conduct regular workshops and sessions revolving around different authors, and activities such as origami.

For more details and updates, follow them on Facebook here