Ten-Second Takeaway

Kriti Creations specialises in feng shui gifting and home decor items, especially for festive occasions. Think mini-idols, amulets, bracelets, diffusers, vases and even Christmas decorations.

Global Knick Knacks

171016_kriticreations1They house practically everything under the sun- from aroma oil burners {in different sizes} to decorative table fountains to statues of the Feng Shui Gods of Wealth.

We’re eyeing the oil diffusers- an ideal gifting option all year round but especially now, with Diwali right around the corner. The products are hand-crafted, durable and come with the promise of top-notch quality.

Furnishing The Festivals

For Diwali gifts, our vote goes to mini marble statues of various Indian deities or a Buddha table fountain. For less spiritual options, there are crystal globes and amulets, and of course, the aromatic oil diffusers- in wood and ceramic variants, as well as the vases with intricate cutwork patterns. Simple and elegant.

Tell us what makes it to your shopping carts.

Photos source: Kriti Creations