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#Bookmark This: Check Out The 3 Ways In Which You Can Cut Out Artificial Colours This Holi

Shilpi posted on 17 March

It’s finally March - time to say hello to sunny summer days. But that’s not all - the festival of colors is upon us! But lately this the festival has seen its share of problems brought on by adulterations and artificial colors. Therefore we felt that it’s time chalk down a list of ways on how to eradicate the negative side of the Holi - be it artificial colours, food or beverages.


As much as we love Holi, no one loves artificial colors that refuse to wash away and end up causing rashes and other skin issues. We've found a simple alternative - I Say Organic. This brand is a offering a range of hand-made Holi colours, made from edible maize starch and rose petals that will take care of your skin and protect it against any irritation. These are available in different colours and even fragrances like Lily of Valley (pink), Kesar (orange), Lemongrass (green) and French Rose (red), and many more for you to take your pick from.


While the issue of Holi colours is irritating, at least it is a commonly known problem. A lesser known issue (but much more serious!) is the artificial colouring in most of beverages that we drink. Be it your favorite fizzy drink or packaged juices – its hard to find options that have no added colors. Lipton Ice Tea is an exception to this case. Not only does it hit your sweet spot with just the right amount sweetness, (almost 30% lower sugar than your average packaged drink), but it's got ZERO added colour. It's the perfect refreshing drink one needs after non-stop dancing to Holi songs.


It’s time to feast ‘em festive cravings! No matter how tired you are after smearing each other with all sorts of red, pink and yellow hues, it’s never too late to stuff yourself with some delicious, yet healthy food. If you’re planning on going the organic way, then no need to take a break only because it’s Holi. You can fill up on preservative-free, sugar-free sourdough breads, healthy cookies, chia cakes and flax sticks, amongst other healthy snacks from Paushtaa. 

So, We Are Saying...

Go the organic way this Holi and celebrate it with ZERO added colors, not even in your drinks and food!