What Is It?

The Zubaan Mela Sale is back with the promise of never-before discounts between Sept 24 – Oct 1. If you call yourself a bookworm, there’s no way you can miss this.

Who Is It For?

Those who call themselves feminists {bleeding hearts and closet, both are welcome} because Zubaan specialises in feminist literature.

This, however, shouldn’t stop any kind of readers from dropping by to browse through classics, new titles, rare academic books, fiction, Young Zubaan specials and a rich repository of writings from the north-east. Basically, this is reader’s paradise.

Why Should I Go For It?

If the thought of up to 80 per cent off on books doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will. They’re open from 10am right up till 8pm, and you have a whole week to make that trip.

Anything Else?

They accept credit cards if you’re cash strapped. Also, they’re super cool about giving complimentary coffee.

Featured photo source: Zuban Books