You don’t have to be in the army now to get the same level of exercise and get into shape. We’re bringing you boot camps across the city, which challenge, and train, you by working every muscle of your body. Think running, climbing and lots of workouts you’ve probably never encountered before.


Run by celebrity fitness expert, Kiran Sawhny, Fitnesolutions offers boot camp classes, but only to current personal training clients. The classes are thus tailor-made and customised as per client requirements {keeping in mind their fitness levels, interests and goals}. Expect activities such as gallops, camel walk {lunge walk}, duck walk, caterpillar walk, fitness ladder, battle ropes, climbing etc.

Boot Camp Yellow

Photo source: Boot Camp Yellow

Photo source: Boot Camp Yellow

Founded in 2013, Boot Camp Yellow starts its workouts as early as five in the morning. Built on the Crossfit methodology, the sessions focus on strength training, functional training and running.

They also have specific programs targeted at fitness newbies who don’t know where to start.

Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp at Siri Fort Sports Complex

Hands down one of the best training/sport facilities in the city, Siri Fort plays venue to Krish Fitness Academy, which holds marathon training sessions, sports conditioning, boot camp, and metabolic conditioning. As an erstwhile boot camp member, LBB has not a shred of doubt when we say, it’s highly effective, super dynamic, and an interesting switch-up to the gym.

They also offer free trials.

Crosstrain Assault

Photo source: Crosstrain Assault

Photo source: Crosstrain Assault

Every Saturday morning, join the crew behind Crosstrain Assault as they take a high intensity 90-minute boot camp, comprising a lot of running, with a body weight workout.

Running Fitness Boot Camp

Running Fitness conducts frequent boot camp workouts which comprise intense exercise sessions that challenge every muscle in your body. There is little rest between work outs and every new exercise addresses a different part of your body.

Find them on Facebook  here.


Photo source: FitNut

Photo source: FitNut

FitNut’s current group comprises people between 16 and 45 years of age, but you’re welcome to join even if you don’t fit into that age category. Their sessions include plyometric exercises, isometric exercises and various functional training form and are customised as per individual requirements and capabilities. You can be sure of personal attention here as they keep the group small.

#LBBTip: On one of those rare mornings when we actually made it for our workout, we jogged straight into a boot camp session organised by Kasrat Wellness, in Lodhi Garden. Lots of circuit training, bodyweight exercises and puddles of sweat – we suggest you check this out.

Feature image source: Fitnut