This Boutique Riverside Property In Tirthan Valley Will Take Your Breath Away

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Tirthan valley has been in the news for a while and the multiple camp sites and home stays that have mushroomed all over the valley are testimony to the beauty of the place. Having had enough of the city madness, I packed my bags last week and headed to this gem of a property built right next to the river and aptly called "Bluehouse by the river". As soon as you reach the place, you are stunned by the peaceful natural surroundings only disturbed by the soothing gush and crackle of the Tirthan river. On top of that, you are pleasantly surprised by the amenities and wonder how small bits of luxury could reach this remote location. You can indulge in multiple activities like river crossing, trekking and trout fishing and the management would ensure that you get the requisite professional guidance and permits in place. If you don't have adventure on your mind, you can still just plonk yourself in the property, soak your feet in the glacial river water and enjoy the views. Vijay, the owner/manager is a fine gentleman and in addition to engaging with you and sharing the little secrets of the valley, he might just square off against you in a game of chess. The service is homely yet splendid and the in-house chef can dish out the best of salads, Italian, continental and Indian cuisine. I strongly recommend a visit. I promise you that you would desperately want to go back for more.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Its an 11-hour drive from Delhi. If you have time constraints, you can take a flight to Bhuntar {Kullu} and the management would be happy to arrange a pickup and drop from the airport at an additional cost. The 90-minute drive from the airport to the property is very scenic and you would love every bit of it.