Boxer Shorts in the City - Your Guide to Down Under

Kasturi posted on 11 March

Let’s face it- there are days where all you want to do is lounge around in an oversized tee paired with comfy boxers. We’re past the staple checks and stripes; boxers today are a lot more fun and we’ve got a few stellar choices for you.

BTB - Below The Belt

What you wear down under is of utmost importance to BTB. Catering to what you wear below the belt, the one-stop shop ends all that is boring, with boxers and pyjamas that are fun, and super comfy. Look out for their fun prints!

Where: DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj

Price: All products start from INR 499

Contact: Contact Avni Goel at or at +91 9873480661 or Sanjam Goel at or at +91 9999989800.

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DLF Promenade, Ground Floor, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

WYO - Wear Your Opinion

Exactly as it professes, it’s opinionated, loud and bold. Exactly like the new age millennial. Calling the boxer ‘bada-kachhas’, WYO caters to a young crowd that likes to frolic. With prints that scream DESI, these boxers are for women as well as the men in their lives. Adding the funky quotient to the indoors and outdoors, these boxers can lend fun to many many people, courtesy an expansive size chart.

Where: You can find the entire collection here.

Price: Range starts at INR 349

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TBS – The Boxer Store

TBS offers a huge range for your perusal, and caters equally to all sexes. With a summer range doing the rounds, the soft cotton in options of woven or knitted is definitely a plus. Experimenting with colours and prints, TBS is an option that one just cannot ignore. Pick a pair or more of these casual, happy, comfortable boxers to lounge in. Our favourite? The pineapple ones.

Where: Find the entire range here.

Price: Range starts at INR 399

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5J/B, Dada Jungi Lane, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

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Happily Unmarried

The ambassador of all things quirky, Happily Unmarried has a selection of boxers in bright colours and prints. With smile-inducing names such as Size Does Matter and Cannabis, the patterns on each are detailed and each piece is in cotton – perfect for summer!

Where: You can shop online here.

Price: Starting at INR 600

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Are cartoons your thing? Then this online store is for you. Ranging from the Tasmanian Devil to Minionder Singh, you have the choice of even going in for glow-in-the-dark boxers. It’s the stuff of fantasies really. You can also bulk order these quirky, fun prints; a naughty Garfield or super Mario perhaps?

Where: You can find the entire collection here.

Price: Range starts at INR 299

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Well known for its quips and one-liners, Bewakoof also brings this unisex fare to the table. Or should we say, bed. Available in a multitude of colours and with naughty puns, the site also makes a preference for differently placed prints and premium material. One of the more outrageously “sexy” brands, Bewakoof is what you’re looking for if you’re experimenting.

Where: You can shop from their online store here.

Price: Range starts from INR 349

You can also connect with them on Facebook here.


We can’t miss out on this biggie in the boxer department. With their quintessential owls and cameras, Chumbak brings its distinct aesthetic to the ever comfortable boxer. Their cotton boxers are a relief in the {oncoming} heat. And are winning in the style department too.

Where: You can shop online here.

Price: Range starts from INR 595

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A website that hasn’t been around for too long, they house boxer shorts in a variety of colours, textures and patterns. Find some nice and naughty prints here if you’re looking for something unique.

Where: You can shop from their online store here.

Price: Range starts at INR 399

Contact: +91 – 9988154312

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This website houses a large collection of boxers, but what we like is that they have a fairly diverse range – from quirky boxer selections to slightly plainer ones. What we’re saying is that everyone can find what they need on Sweet Couch- start clicking!

Where: You can shop online here.

Price: Depending on the brand you pick

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