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    These Gorgeous Diaries Are Handbound By The Blind & Their Next One Is Coldplay Themed

    Rene posted on 01 December


    Crenulate isn’t just another good-looking stationery brand. It’s a project with a compelling story – and a soul. Its first creation is a range of notebooks and diaries made by the visually impaired and is an attempt at spreading awareness for the Braille language. 

    Love At First Sight

    There’s a sweet little story about how Crenulate was born and it deserves to be told. 

    So, Sambhav, who works as the Retail Marketing Head at Nicobar wanted to do something more than his regular 9-5 work routine. It also had to be something that was close to his heart and a venture with a difference. His interest in social entrepreneurship and general love for the Blind School Mela that he attended every year converged at the Blind Bind Book – a stationery brand that signed up with the visually impaired folks at the Blind School to create beautiful notebooks and diaries.

    There are many things that set these black and gold beauties apart. The notebooks have all been bound by hand by the blind and bear a heartwarming message on the cover that reads ‘I wish you luck’ in Braille script. It’s a way for the maker to convey his/her love and blessings, Sambhav tells us.

    In fact, the whole concept, revolves around spreading more awareness about the Braille language. Soon as you open the diary, you’ll find an insert in Braille alphabet translated to English. This involvement with the visually impaired and Braille will be a constant no matter how many things {and what} Crenulate makes. And yes, like we said, a lot of thought and good intention has gone into making these so all the proceeds go to the Blind School.

    Dear Diary...

    Sambhav started this venture with practically zero resources. Right from designing to sourcing the paper and to getting the final product picture ready, he fussed over every tiny thing being just right. Through thick and thin, he had his pillar of support, his best friend, a mother figure who saw him through.

    When the first batch of the Blind Bind Book {alliteration, yay!} was ready, it was received so well on Instagram that he decided to add to the collection… Little by little, improvising on ways to manage funds as he went along. Up next, is a Coldplay themed range and a bunch of organisers to get our 2018 plans in place.

    Want to lay your hands on these {you can have them at only INR 350}? Or want to be the first one to grab the Coldplay diaries, follow Crenulate on Instagram.

    So, We're Saying...

    Take down notes, scribble or sketch random things during your metro commute. You know, it’s a great feeling to own something that’s lighting up someone’s life.

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