Yellow Lights Over Painful White Ones? This Brand's Got 'Em And So Much More


    What Makes It Awesome

    No room is complete without a string of beautiful yellow (or red, if you like) lights hung across your rooms highlighting your photographs, paintings or any other wall decor. If you've just shifted into a new home and are on the lookout for budget-friendly lighting options then you're in the right place. 

    Headquartered in Mumbai, Brand World is an online brand that does affordable home decor and lifestyle products. But we're strictly glued to their crazy collection of decorative LED lights. And no, we're not just talking about those regular ones. Heart-shaped, stars, flowers, photo clips, photo clip string lights and lots more. Some of these are plug-in ones while the others are battery operated. They even have the fancy (and USB rechargeable) Moon light, y'all!

    Price: The lights start at INR 120 upwards 


    You can shop for these gorgeous lights right here on LBB!