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This Campaign’s Sanitary Napkins Come With Bold Messages That Break The Taboo

    NH1 Design


    It’s time to address the elephant in the room. This campaign aims at normalising the concept of periods with their unique packaging that is positive, confident and sparks conversation.

    Let's Talk About Periods

    Don’t Hide It. Period. Started by NH1 Design, a boutique design agency based out of Gurgaon, this unique {and much-needed} concept’s goal is to stop treating this natural phenomenon with any embarrassment or stigma. The campaign’s aim is to raise awareness about periods and stop treating it like it’s taboo. What we especially loved is their packaging, with ten pads in a canvas pouch, rife with bright red and orange polka dots; a stark contrast from the usual black poly bags given by chemists every time we purchase pads or tampons.

    Each pad comes with an unflinching message, like ‘It’s not a bad word. Period.’. Popular designer, Pallavi Mohan has also designed exclusive T-shirts that carry the message written with sequins. All of the sales proceeds will be donated to The Better India, to set up a factory in Ajmer, with Aakar Innovations who will employ local women to manufacture and distribute bio degradable, low cost sanitary napkins. Their initiative towards making better menstrual hygiene available for every woman is commendable.

    So, We're Saying...

    The pads are only available for sale on Nykaa. You can check out their website for further information regarding the campaign.

      NH1 Design