Our city is full of interesting, dynamic and charming people. Believe us; we meet them on the regular, mostly because we’re actively looking. We also know that you probably wonder time and again where to meet your new best friend or that man or woman to sweep you off your feet; we’ve got the answer- the TrulyMadly Blok Party.

Their tagline literally tells you to meet like-minded people in the city, and what better place than the biggest party of the season? Grab a date and head to five venues in Hauz Khas Village {most have couple entry} with ten artists across the board- some of the best in Delhi. We weren’t messing around when we said it was big. With names like MojoJojo, Tapan Raj {Midival Pundtiz} and KERANO, all curated by WMSEntertainment and playing at top venues like Summer House Cafe, TabulaBeach Cafe and Raasta, you know it’s bound to be a crazy night.

Pick your two top two spots and get down or {and this is our personal favorite thing to do} bar hop all night! There’s a special treat for you if you hit up all the locations, but you’ll just have to show up and find out. What we can tell you though, is that Yangdup Lama, mixologist extraordinare is crafting a special cocktail for the night, which you get exclussive access to if you’re a TrulyMadly member. The good life.

To guarantee a table for yourself and five friends, tweet #TrulyMadlyMixers and tell the what it feels like to Unsingle {the more creative, the better}. They’re also making sure you arrive in style; all you have to do is book an Uber, use the promocode TRULYMADLY for INR 250 off on your first two rides. Let the world know you’ve arrived.

Whether you’re looking for a new crew, a special someone or just an epic night that comes with stories abound, the Blok Party will give you all of that and more. Just bring your smile and of course, a dash of good spirit.

When:25th July, 9pm onwards

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Find their website here.