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We're In Heaven: Bryan Adams May Be Coming To India For A Tour

Bhavika posted on 16 February

Ten-Second Takeaway

The now grown-up youth of the generation that crooned to Summer of 69 like they owned it, here’s some dishy news – Bryan Adam is speculated to come to India soon.

Cloud Number 9

Our then-favourite singer with floppy blonde hair who made being romantic cool, Bryan Adams gave us wonderfully incomplete news recently. In a rather cryptic post, he posted a picture of the back of an Indian bus and wrote of coming to India some time, in less clear words.

He supposedly mentioned a three-city tour and then erased that bit from his status, after what we can assume was an overwhelming reaction. More details are yet to be announced, but looking at stats {and past concerts}, we truly hope that he decides to make Delhi one of those three cities he tours in.

After his stints in the early 2000s, this would be the first time he comes back and, frankly, we are just as excited. Move over, indiscernibly loud EDM concerts with your club music – we’re going back to the good ol’ days.

So, We’re Saying…

Well Bryan, let’s make this a night to remember and don’t be creeped out because we’re going to run to you.

As for you, we’re going to keep a hawk-eye out for any further news and let you know when {if at all} Bryan Adams announces dates.