If you thought that you’ve already tasted the best burger in town, think again! Courtyard by Marriot, Gurgaon has a lineup that may put a few burger joints to shame! What’s more, there’s a chilled beer on offer with every burger you order.

If meat is your game, then don’t miss the loaded OMG burger with a double stacked beef patty, bacon AND egg, or the spicy Fire Bun. The Sumo Wrestler and Desi Double Roti put an Asian spin on plain chicken burgers, while the Earth & Turf gives the meat {and veggie} lover something to chew on!

If green is where you’re at, then Garden Green or Smoke Alert is the direction you want to head in. The Mediterranean Delight and Savoury Red Doughnut will surprise you with their unexpected flavours, while the Red Alert is perfect if you’re looking to mix-it-up just a little bit with a paneer burger!

Where: Courtyard by Marriot, Gurgaon

When: until 31st May

Price: Rs. 750++ for a burger and beer