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Burrata, Cannelloni And Tiramisu: La Piazza’s New Menu Stuns

Kasturi posted on 20th April

Ten-Second Takeaway

What Hyatt Regency’s La Piazza offers is authentic Italian with a twist. The twist is very recent, coming in with their fresh menu {changed after a whopping 23 years}; we tried it and loved it.

Chow Down

Burrata, Homemade Truffle and Ricotta Tortelloni, Traditional Tiramisu made a la minute

Sip On

Fizzy Brew, Thai Summer Special

Salad Me That

After settling in with our drinks, Fizzy Brew and Thai Summer Special {mocktails for a change} on a hot summer afternoon in La Piazza’s glamorous indoor area, it seemed that only the food could take our minds off the grandeur of Hyatt and the sparkles that frequent a weekend brunch. And my god, it did.

The Insalata di Rucola e Parmigiana {Arugula, cherry tomato, parmesan shaving, aged balsamic dressing} was crisp and summery with a dash of tang, but our hearts absolutely went out to the Burrata with tomato, red onion and basil—Mozzarella curd that our tastebuds will remember for a long long time.

If you like your nutrition, then Insalata di Legumi would be a good pick {Pearl barley, lentil, carrot, grilled pumpkin, fresh basil, spicy tomato dressing} with bits of pumpkin grilled to perfection.

Mainly Speaking

As the space started to get slowly crowded, so did our table, with three kinds of pastas—gnochhi, cannelloni and tortelloni. The Baked Chicken Cannelloni was heaven in a dish, with cheese and tomato bits piled on the sides. The Homemade Truffle and Ricotta Tortelloni is for those who love their cheese, inside and out, since it comes with a parmesan cream.

We weren’t super impressed with the  Gnocchetti di Patate with Gorgonzola and Pesto Sauce {slightly unsalted if we may} and the Grilled Roasted Lamb Chop was a bit tough, though the veggies it came with were so so good.

Vegging Out

The grilled vegetables with scamorza cheese, herbs and garlic veloute looks so picturesque in the deep dish that you’ll probably never want to take a bite. But please do—we insist. Crunchy tomatoes, zucchini and aubergines were meant for this. And lastly, the salmon, pink as ever, with a herb dressing and grilled vegetables, was just the right way to end this gastronomic tour.

Chefs Ivan Chieregatti and Alessandro Sandrolini make sure that this menu is impenetrable in terms of criticism and honestly, we were hard-pressed to find something to critique.

We Didn’t Forget

Dolci, dessert, death on a plate—whatever you call it, is the one reason we are going back. We can definitely take out some time for that creamy luscious Traditional Tiramisu {made a la minute}. And if that isn’t your jam, then we recommend the Chocolate Fondant with Banana Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce.

Hungry? Us too.

La Piazza

Bhikaji Cama Place
Fine Dining