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Butterfly Walks, Bonfires & Camps: So Many Reasons To Picnic At This Faridabad Farm


    The Farm Camp on the Delhi-Faridabad road is every bit an idyllic campsite, whether you’re looking for a quick day picnic scene, an offsite with the colleagues, a party night with your gang with live music and BBQ or just an offbeat outing not too far from the city. Yes, they accommodate all types of groups… From a minimum of 8 to a max of 50 folks at a time.

    Real Life FarmVille

    Much as we love the thought of a little hideaway somewhere in Gurgaon or Faridabad {or other fringes that we tend to ignore}, we have to accept that it isn’t exactly a novelty anymore. Having said that, we love options and especially ones that come with that ‘something extra’. In The Farm Camp’s case, it’s the ability to combine fun farm activities like mushroom farming and playing with the farm animals with adventure stuff like zip lines, zorbing, commando net, lake crossing and more.

    Around long weekends or special days {Valentine’s Day, looking at you!}, they host themed outings. Around Republic Day, there are, activities likefarm tours, DIY meals you can cook on the chulha, movies under the stars, a jeep safari through a nearby wildlife sanctuary, board games and more. And, of course, if you’re a couple, they’ve got a night planned around Valentine’s Day.

    A special meal put together with ingredients plucked from the farm is one of their major attractions. The campsite’s proximity to the Asola Bhatti sanctuary makes it a great place for birdwatching as well. You know, for those who’d rather eat well and kick back in the real sense… Snuggled in a blanket and watching a movie at night types.

    So, We're Saying...

    Not the camping type? They’ve got a villa that can host up to eight folks {or 2-3 families}. In fact, they can customise a complete package for you depending on how many meals or activities you’d like to try.

    P.S. The cost starts at INR 1,000 per person but depends on specific requirements.

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