Earthy & Natural: This Homegrown Brand Redefines Healthy Eating With Local Produce

What Makes It Awesome

We’ve all enjoyed stories by our parents of how they cherish their childhood memories tucked in their little village, running through fields & gorging on the purest form of foods like milk, ghee, honey, fruits, and the freshest produce. Well, if you get a taste of what Barosi has to offer (milk, ghee, honey & aata), it will remind you, rather, give you a whiff of what your mother & grandma had experienced.

We all need something that’ll keep us grounded and remembering our roots, and we’re happy to say that every Barosi product will give you that feeling. When they say ‘Earthy, Good Food’, they literally mean it. Their range of products like milk, ghee, honey, aata, and fruits are straight from the source. What makes Barosi even more special is their sustainable farming philosophy, which connects people like us to local, trustworthy rural farms. In a way, they’re supporting & helping rural farmers grow and represent them in cities and urban areas! 

Milk, ghee, aata, honey & fruits have largely been a part of our daily consumption, & Barosi makes sure to deliver these essentials which are farm-fresh, natural, and unadulterated. In fact, the milk is tested daily for its quality to prevent any sort of adulteration. That’s not it; you can access these testing reports daily too! They deliver Cow milk, Desi cow milk & Buffalo milk. Barosi ghee is made with the good ol’ traditional method by churning butter, which is then refined to produce the purest form of ghee, which is oh so aromatic! It blends incredibly well with Indian cuisine, or if you’re planning to go on a baking spree with cookies, sponge cakes, muffins and so much more! 

Their multi-floral honey is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, which act as a perfect replacement for sweeteners like refined sugar. Lap it up with your breakfast & desserts, for guilt-free consumption.  Barosi’s wheat aata is full of nutrition, healthy and filled with vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, sourced from the choicest wheat of Madhya Pradesh. Additionally, they also deliver a select range of farm-fresh fruits. Needless to say, their packaging is also minimalist & aesthetically simple. All of these products form an innate part of our healthy diet, so we couldn’t think of a better alternative to switch to! 

Pro Tip

Want to know the best part? These products are just a click away! All you’ve got to is do is order them online & they’ll be delivered to your doorstep.