Superheroes, Food Or Abstract Patterns: These Printed Socks Are What You Need


    Everyone knows how shoes form the first impressions of a person but we at LBB also want you to know that socks play an integral role as well. While it is kind of mainstream to wear matching shaded socks or plain solid socks with shoes that match one's outfit, we want you to to try something different. Here are the finest printed socks available on LBB Shop where you can get socks with animal, food and abstracts prints and also trippy patterns. These will embolden you to explore your fun, non-conformist, quirky side and hey, these would also inject life into plain and simple outfits. But no one even sees socks ? No, guys, people do. Try  #SomethingDifferent. 

    A Cold One With A Samosa

    Unisex Pack of 4 Quirky Printed Crew Socks- Beer + Rickshaw + Music + Samosa


    Beer, Samosa, Music on a sunny day, what's not to love ? Add autorickshaws too for a perfect combo (especially if you're a Bangalorean). Before we digress further, we're talking about free-sized crew socks from Dynamocks that are unisex and made from cotton, elastic and spandex for the right amount of comfort. These come in a pack of four with prints of Beer, Samosa, Autorickshaws and musical notes. Colourful and quirky, these socks are perfect with a tee, shorts and walking shoes. 

    Iscream For These Socks

    Men Pack of 3- Avacado, Ice Cream & Watermelon Crew Socks


    We'd call these pyjama party essentials as these crew socks from Mint & Oak are cozy and have a very peppy feel to them. You can get these in a set of three with prints of ice cream, watermelons and avocados. Just when the AC is peak chill in your room as you play a game of charades or a board game with your legs folded, these socks will do all the good to your feet and your confidence. Fruity, fresh and cooling, these are for all you sweeties out there. 

    Superheroes On Socks = Supersox

    Men Disney Avengers Character Ankle Length Socks For Men (Pack Of 5)


    If you're a superhero buff or prolly wear your favorite heroes on your sleeve, you can wear them on your socks now. Marvel at these cool ankle length socks of your favourite Avengers superheroes (see what I did there) from Supersox. These come in a pack of five and include stars such as Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain America, all made from cotton and comfortable for all foot sizes. 

    Here's A Buffet, For Your Feet Though

    Unisex Relationship with Food Socks Gift Box


    We're talking eggs done sunny side up, spaghetti, bananas and even donuts, that too flavoured. Nahh, not a picnic but maybe for your feet? Yes. Soxytoes makes socks of the finest yarns and these have your favourite food prints, the likes of those mentioned above. These are a pack of five and come in a nicely crafted gift box making them ideal for gifting and hey, they're unisex. For puppet shoes or for the gram, let your feet now steal the lime-light (see what I did there #AmNotEvenCountingNow)

    I Want Jus-Tice Socks

    Men Justice League Cotton Ankle Socks (Set of 3)


    Balenzia does no frills and elegant superhero printed ankle length socks made from combed cotton. These are a pack of three socks that have your favourite justice league superheroes printed on a black cotton sock. Free sized and comfortable to wear, these are not too loud. We particularly love their coloured ends of the toes. against the relatively darker, black fabric of the socks. A must buy if you like things simple. 

    Psy-Colour-Delic, These Socks Are Rainbow

    Men Colourblocked Striped Pack of 3 Crew Socks


    We suggest to make full use of your vibrant personality and go extra. It's never a bad thing, and more so because of these Colourblocked Striped pair of three socks sold by SockSoho. Imagine rings of colours, we're referring to vibrant shades of reds, purple, blues, greens, yellow and orange, all arranged in a melody that they fall in place and look rather pleasing to the eye. Jazz up your summer outfit and go gaga with these awesome colour blocked socks. 

    Cherry Bombs And Hawaiian Pizzas

    Men Multicoloured Geometric Diamond Pattern Crew Socks


    These printed crew socks from Thela Gaadi are making all the right noises especially because of the cherry and pineapple printed socks. Made from cotton and ideal for a casual meet, if you're walking on a lawn or happen to be just inside someone's grand house with your footwear removed, let these bright and coloured socks do the talking. The brand is known for its geometric and abstract prints. Ask us and we recommend their socks with parachutes, table tennis rackets and geometric blocks. 

    Loaf Around With Me?

    Unisex Woven Textured Detail Grey Loafer Socks


    Here are some ubercool multicoloured striped loafer socks from Cloco that have printed patterns of orange, white, red and pink. What's special about these socks? First, they're elegant with basic patterns around the toe section and second, these socks are eco-friendly as they're made from bamboo fiber and also from materials like spandex and nylon for maximum comfort. These socks are unisex and their polka dot prints as well as their textured printed socks are to try if you're into minimally printed loafer socks.