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Ladies, We’re In Love With This Brand’s Bags, Watch Straps, Stationery & More


DailyObjects is doing the most offbeat styles and shapes of our favourite crossbody bags, totes, wallets and pouches. And if that's not enough - their most recently launched of WATCH STRAPS have taken the market by storm! Check 'em out.

What Makes It Awesome?

Fashion-forward, out of the box and oh-so beautiful - we’re loving DailyObjects’ bags! They make awesome shapes (Orbis, arch, box and many more) for all you awesome women. And their print game is unmatchable - peacock feathers, reindeer, scarlet pinstripes, dreamcatchers and what not!

We’ve been lugging around their bags all summer and TBH, the compliments haven’t stopped rolling in. For the top-notch quality they promise, their price points are really pocket-friendly.  And who says accessories are limited to bags? You canNOT miss their stunning watch straps. They come in colours worth drooling over and the material? Luxury leather, quilted nylon and silicone - super comfy on the wrist and super easy on the pocket.

For all you boss ladies, their diaries, notepads and elemental pouches make for a great statement, when running errands and making lists! Grab yours on LBB.IN/SHOP now!