Buying For Babies- Singing Castles and Handmade Shower Caps to Diapers and Toys

Editors posted on 23 June

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From baby toys, to bottles and where to get the best {economical, also} diapers, we’re giving you the details on where to source the best for your baby. No, you don’t need to run around, it’s all online, recommended by mothers themselves from GurgaonMoms. The source you can trust in, without a doubt.


One of Asia’s largest online portals, you can find the best deals on Firstcry. The question isn’t what you can find on here, but what you can’t because there isn’t much they’re not equipped with. Whether it’s baby toys you’re looking for, or the best deals on baby bottles and toiletries, they’ve got you covered!

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Recommended by Rekha Israni Gehani, Nidhi Anchal, Divya Nayar, Nisha Sethia Dugar


For baby wear, from the casual crawlin’-at-home ensembles to the party apparel when your child’s got their first ever birthday party to head to, Hopscotch is top notch. They have clothes and shoes, to name the essentials. We say this one is for the mum’s that love to dress their toddlers up- find all the brands you know at prices that won’t pinch your pocket!

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Recommended by Donna Abraham Tijo, Rekha Israni Gehani, Nidhi Anchal, Divya Nayar, Nisha Sethia Dugar


To celebrate each moment, whether it’s the first step your child takes to their first birthday- you’re going to need supplies! Party hats, costumes, all kinds of balloons and themed accessories, no less. Partybounty to the rescue. They’ve got a wide range of party trimmings, from centerpieces to balloons to swirl streamers. And there’s more where that came from.

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My Baby Cart

Not wanting to get lost in the sea of many, this website evolved a USP that would be hard to ignore. What is it? All the products are designed by talented and creative mothers who understand the intricacies of baby things better than any commercial brand can. They got mompreneurs {moms+ entrepreneurs} on board for a plethora of items- from cloth diapers to clothes, to baby shower caps.

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I <3 PCN

For all your gifting needs, you can turn to them, stress-free. From singing cakes to mini CD players, they have a wide range of unique items. Children love surprises and these will go a long way far from the usual presents they will receive. Get ready to become their favorite person.

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