Ten-Second Takeaway

Xchange Over Coffee, a tiny spot in North Campus, is bringing back the barter system in the best way possible. People can register with them to exchange books for a meal.

There Are Free Lunches

You can drop by, grab a few chairs out in the sun and engage in deep Camus discussions {or chick lit, we’re not judgey}. The only condition this New-Agey start-up peeps put is that you get free shakes, coffee or burgers only if you have books to offer. Now that’s fair, right?

The process is pretty straightforward. Sign up here and land up with your cherished paperbacks.

Dog Ear This For Sure

281116_xchangeovercoffee2Every time we see the words “free coffee” we start to believe that goodness is not dead in the world. Especially in times when even the relatively less stingy among us {with jobs} are kinda outta cash, this comes as a great surprise.

So We’re Saying…

We’re dusting off and gathering our supplies to have a go at their Kit Kat shake and cheese maggi. We hear their veggie burger’s kickass too.

Also, for the first time, the offer doesn’t have us reading between the lines {no terms and conditions whatsoever!}. 

Photos source: xchangeovercoffee