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Calling All Coffee Lovers, There's A New Cold Brew In Town

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you know me, you know Sleepy Owl’s strong chilled Cold Brew is my survival juice. And they just introduced an all-new Cinnamon Burst Cold Brew. It’s their very first flavour, and everything I imagined {and more}. 😍 It's brewed with cinnamon and a hint of chicory. The result? A velvety smooth coffee. Oh, and it goes great with milk! Wondering how to make it? 1. Just drop a brew pack in water and leave overnight. 2. Wake up to this delish Sleepy Owl Cold Brew. FYI: Each box contains 5 brew packs and each brew pack makes 3 cups. If you like your coffee strong like me, throw in an extra bag to brew. If you like it milder, add more water. It’s hassle-free and super easy to customise, so you can brew your cuppa just the way you like it. Order yours now, caffeine addicts: {}.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    Under INR 500