You'll Love To Live The Hippie Life When You're In Pushkar

    What Makes It Awesome

    It’s a spectacle on an epic scale, where traditions and spirituality meet and one can experience the culture and grandeur of Rajasthan. Pushkar has a magnetism all of its own. Our morning started with a lavish breakfast in Pink Floyd, followed by a walk to the city ghats. Staying at Pink Floyd in Pushkar was one of the best decisions. Mostly a backpacker’s pit spot, we still wanted to sneak in this ‘cool’ kind of accommodation which was definitely a worth visit. The fair brought back our memories of old local cultural fairs in our hometowns. But the romantic idea of journeying with camels across Rajasthan was unique. What to expect: Expect to see camels trot around in tailor-made outfits enhanced with pompoms, bells and mirrors. Enjoy the old streets of Pushkar and walk to cover the entire city. Shop some cool hippie stuff, gorge on Mirchi pakoras and camel-milk cheesecakes Where to Eat: Sunset Café By the Pushkar ghats or Pink Floyd Cafe for some great music and hippie vibes.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    The water at ghats, of course, speaks to you, about the years that it has survived. The town often hums with prayers generating an episodic soundtrack of chanting, drums and gongs, and devotional songs. From the big giant wheel to learning about swords, the market had lots to offer. The main street is one long bazaar, selling anything to tickle a traveller’s fancy, from hippy-chic tie-dye to didgeridoos.

    Anything Else?

    To our surprise, we found moto bike being run on the sands of the desert. And in a jiff, we all tried our hands to drive these awesome looking wheels. Yes, it was a definitely a great experience. We then walked back to the streets of Pushkar in the search of the famous Sunset Café, which was totally at the other end of the town. Also, check our adventures here - { }.