If you think the Pushkar Camel Fair’s all about glamping and decked-up camels walking the sandy ramp, think again. Along with some stunning musical performances, handicrafts and local games, you also have a chance to rise above the usual experiences by hopping on to a hot air balloon.

Between Nov 8 – 14, you can book yourself {alone or with your merry band} a balloon ride for a true bird’s eye view of the colourful Pushkar. If this doesn’t have you going giddy with excitement, you can check out the complete activity-packed schedule here.

The time slots are available for morning and evening so neither early birds nor night owls have reason to complain.

PS: We just read that foreigners will be playing langri taang and there’ll be a Lagaan-style cricket match too! Now go, snigger in the corner. And and, there’s kite flying, sunset safaris on the dunes and a moustache competition {yes! now go take your hispter mooch there}.

When: Nov 8-14

Where: More info here

Price: INR 16,000 per person

Contact: +91 8130925252

Timings: 6:30am; 4:30pm

Featured photo source: Meeta via Wikimedia Commons[Public Domain]