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Camp In The Himalayas: This Group Has Travelling Musicians & Finds Unknown Meadows


    Himalayan Magic Trips organise trekking and camping trips across Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh with an arty, musical bend and the sole purpose of finding spots and trails that have yet remained away from the tourist trail. 

    Two's Company

    The founder and chief camping coach, Pratish Ram, has been living in Bhimtal for the last one decade and after exploring all the untouched forests and friendly villages around, he was ready to share his secrets with the world. He was joined in this mission by a friend, Puneet, who chipped in with his own chords and hideouts. Together, they celebrate their love for Kumaoni music, nature and community living through camping expeditions across the Himalayas.

    Typically, these trips chose to be bang in the middle of thick forests so there’s always amazing stuff for wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers. The happy campers also encourage interaction and mingling with local communities to get a feel of the culture of the place. So you might be learning a traditional recipe or a tribal song one one day and scaling the tallest peak in the area on the next. The idea is to be as close to nature and unwind with a bit of adventure and a lot of Kumaoni music thrown in.


    Trek It Forward

    One of their most sought-after trips is to Khaliya Top in Munsiyari that promises breathtaking views of the mountains and is right in time for rhododendron forests flowering season. This is a longish trek and understandably involves a fair share of walking. So, keep about six days in hand apart from a sturdy pair of mountain shoes.

    If you don’t have the luxury of time, the winter-time Corbett trek is the one you should be going for {Delhi peeps, listen up}. Himalayan Magic Trip folks approach Corbett’s unknown side, Khetiyo, where the best of nature and elephant safaris come alive with live musical jams under starlit skies.

    These made-to-order trips are just the tip of the iceberg… Or the beginning of the melody, so to say. If you’re keen on personalising the itinerary and picking the location yourself, they can take that on as long as it’s in their known territory – Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh or Uttrakhand. Can you smell firewood and see furry doggos yet?

    The prices start from INR 3,000 a day and go up depending on how difficult the expedition is to put together, how many people, so on and so forth.

    So, We're Saying...

    If it wasn’t clear so far, let’s just put this out blatantly: Do not go expecting Continental meals or resort type camping facilities. You might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

    Fireflies and music or rare birds and flowering trees? Yes yes, all of this is on the menu.

    Find more about the group and write to them on Facebook.