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All night, all right! | Captain Grub

Rupali posted on 7th March

By Rupali Lamba

As the day turns into night, hunger rears its head. The longer you stall, the yummier {more unhealthy} and creative your meal of choice gets. Enter Captain Grub. The newest all night delivery place in town.

Captain Grub’s menu features items for all aspects of your food personality. If you are going through a salad, snack, pasta, burger or continental {controversial word, I know} phase – he's got it all.

4.5 of us stalled our hunger till about 11:00 pm. We ordered Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Popcorn, Cajun Spiced Wedges, Jalapeño Poppers, Texas Fried Chicken Legs, a Double Cheese Burger, a Stuffed Beef Burger, Pesto Pasta, Beer battered Fish and Chips, Chicken Schnitzel, a Pulled Pork Sandwich, a Cottage Cheese Steak, an Oreo Shake and a Ferrero Rocher Shake…

The starters {Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Popcorn} seemed like the ready-to-eat fried variety. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as those cravings DO arise and the odds of any of us pottering about the kitchen at 11:00 pm frying stuff are pretty low.

That vital information out of the way – everything else was really good. The Texas Fried Chicken Legs were smokey, and the burgers were very generous in terms of what lay within. The Pesto Pasta was al dente and well sauced, unlike other home delivered pastas, where the pasta is either overcooked, floating in sauce or worst of all, has turned into a cake. The Fish and Chips and Schnitzel were crispy, light and flavoursome. The Pulled Pork Sandwich stole the show. The pork was finely sliced and tender, with a very pleasant fresh meatiness to it. The Cottage Cheese Steak was also delicious. 4.5 carnivores gave it the time of day amongst the rest. The paneer itself was slightly hard, but the tomato sauce was bright and balanced, accompanied with herb rice. The downside to the order was the potato wedge holocaust. They come as accompaniments to almost everything, and they were all limp and lifeless.

We finished the night with the thick and chocolaty shakes {jokes were made}  - the sign of a pleasant evening aided and abetted by the food.

It’s 11:51 pm right now, speaking of stalled hunger and creativity; The Cheese Crusted Lamb Bolognese with garlic rice, crumbed Fish and Potato Wedges - THAT is what I am going to order next.

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Captain Grub is ideal to order from for late nights at work, after parties and smaller scale sleepovers.

Meal for two | INR 700

Contact | 011 30146025; ext:171

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