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Bored Of Your 9-To-5? Slay At These Career Options With Perfect Vision

Shruti posted on 19 July


Working out your career goals? We know how those early childhood dreams get shelved because reality gets in the way. If you’re rethinking professional dreams, here are some unconventional options to explore. And don’t let those (erstwhile) uncontrollable elements such as poor vision block your path. Laser eyesight correction has got you covered!

Scuba Diver

For want of a laidback and peaceful life away from urban clutter (thinking of the Andamans), we could make a living with professional scuba diving and stay by the scenic coastlines. Since there is no way to mix water and contact lenses, those daring dreams will be held back by poor vision. Here is when LASIK services can benefit you with the removal of all possible vision obstructions.

Flight Steward

If the monotony of being based out of a city drives you insane, explore this career route and get to travel to world destinations while also redeeming special airport privileges. Being an air hostess gives you all this and more! Since an air hostess has to have a perfect 6x6 vision to tackle any calamities in the sky, LASIK will get you one step closer to this exciting life.


With beauty lying in the eye of the beholder, a photographer’s outstanding vision helps define their art. With spectacles or contact lenses, the creativity of the job can fall through with problems such as vision glare. LASIK services allow us the freedom to create fantastic visual art with ease.

Fashion Designer

Do colours, patterns and textures excite you? If you’ve been intending to pursue those designer dreams, but have been skeptical due to your poor vision or colour blindness, then consider LASIK. The creative pursuits of this line have us delving into tiny details, and with near-perfect vision, we can put in hours of concentrated effort even in dimly lit situations.

Armed Forces

Danger, control and a life full of exciting and daring opportunities seems like the option you want to go for? Unfortunately, the army has a very strict admission criteria regarding perfect vision to be able to battle it out on the field. So without further ado, consider getting LASIK done to live the life of patriotism and adventure.


20/20 vision could arguably be the most significant tool for an astronomer, apart from a background in Maths and Science. Ditch the mundane IT job and discover the excitement of observing celestial beings with the naked eye and deciphering their relativity to human lives. To take stargazing to the next level, get that acute vision through LASIK services. You may just discover something not yet known to us, earthlings.

So, We’re Saying…

Can’t find it in your heart to leave your regular job? Head over to Sharp Sight as the first step towards achieving your professional dream with Femto LASIK vision correction while contemplating the possible options. Consult their specialists for the best-suited and precise treatment you need to achieve that 20/20 career calling.

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