What Is It?

Le Meridien is celebrating the vibrant and colourful streets of India with the Singleton Street Fair. A unique festival that brings together food and shopping right from the streets of Delhi, this one is best enjoyed with some Singleton scotch.

With Mr. Dan Jones {celebrity bartender from Diageo} mixing and pairing the local street food with a glass of cold one, this one is not to be missed. What’s more? The street fare will also feature stalls for Bollywood posters, bartanwalas, books, artefacts, accessories {chooriwala} and birdwalas.

Who Is It For?

Everyone in Delhi who wants to enjoy street food and shopping along with some scotch.

Why Should I Go For It

If you love everything about the streets of Delhi {the food, corner shops selling trinkets and charms, books and all that} and would like to eat and shop over a glass of scotch, this is a clarion call which you should answer.

When: Sep 17

Timing: 6pm – 8.30pm

Price: INR 1,500 per person