You could spend another evening at home, or out with the same friends, at the same few places. Or you could explore the sites and sounds of a city that never ceases to disappoint.

The LBBD experience of Ramlila is starkly different from watching effigies burn at a distance. We took our readers to the heart of where the action is – one of the oldest Ramlilas {over 200 years old} held in our city, in Chandni Chowk.

What did we treat our readers to? Quintessential Chandni Chowk food – pao bhaji, chaat, kuliya and disco ice cream, a chance to catch all the behind the scenes scoop with kaarigars who’ve been creating the effigies for over 6 generations, VIP seating on the rooftop of a tent, and the telling of a tale that we’ve grown up listening to. There was storytelling, conversations, fireworks, disco dancing, playing carnival games, hopping on a ferris wheel and columbus, eating.. and then eating some more.

Here’s exploring the festivities around Ramlila, Little Black Book Delhi style |