Get Chai And Breakfast On The Road Behind Writers' Building In Kolkata For Just INR 100

    Behala, Kolkata


    Get pally with any of the guys there to get good service, or else wait for half an hour for a cup of tea.

    What could be better?

    You can have a full fledged breakfast for just INR 100 {this will include tea, sandwiches, dosas, and more}.

    I liked

    The street behind the famous Writers' Building in Calcutta has now become a place for roadside vendors. They sleep on benches outside their stalls at night, and work to earn during the day. This is the best place to go for a rejuvenating cup of tea. The coal fires are burning, tea is being prepared in huge pans, stools are spread out on footpaths, guys are running around with 'kulhars' of tea, and Audis and Mercedes are rolling in and out: all for the love of chai.

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    My favourite snack here is the malai toast sprinkled with sugar.
      Behala, Kolkata