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    Chai, Nimbu Mirchi Or Bitch Spray: Find The Cutest Pins On This Instagram Store

    Nitya posted on 30 August


    Say It With A Pin is a venture that makes tiny, wooden pins in bright colours and adorable shapes. Want to add a little bit of edge to your outfit, or make a small but impactful statement? Their pins will serve you well.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Say It With A Pin was started by a bunch of folks from a creative agency called 2626 Creative Studio. The Delhi-based start-up, led by Kanika, Harsh and Manish wanted to celebrate people’s quirks and so, Say It With A Pin was born.

    These pins are made of birch wood, and have a safety pin back so you can practically pin them anywhere you like, including on your bags, clothes or even accessories (add some colour to those plain white shoes, maybe?). The hand-painted pins come in a variety of cool shapes with cute slogans, and can be customised as per your requirements too. Honestly, we wouldn’t want to get anything customised ourselves, because we pretty much like all the pins they have on their website. 

    We’ve been eyeing Say It With A Pin's tea-rrific Chai pin ever since we saw it on Instagram, and haven’t seen a sassier pin than the bitch spray one. Beatles fans, you’ll love their Yellow Submarine pin, and there are a bunch of cute food pins for the pizza and fries-loving folks too. 

    Also, how cute is their floppy pin? We can’t remember the last time we saw a floppy-anything, so get one for old times’ sake, maybe?

    What Could Be Better

    The pins come at a slightly steep price of INR 350/piece and they deliver across India for a standard delivery charge of INR 70. We really do wish the prices were lower.


    Check out their 'Pin Collective' section. It lets artists list their pin designs up for sale on the website and they'll even get a generous cut from the sales. 

    Also, in case you want to buy multiple pins, order Say It With A Pin's pin packs. They're a relatively more affordable option. 

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