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Check Out These 3 New Stunning Artworks by St+Art 2016

Kasturi posted on 21 January



If you, like us, get super excited by St+art’s festival each year, then you’ll be glad to know that work has already begun. Three beautiful works by artists from France, Uruguay and India are already up, and we hope you go check them out soon.

{Give these images a minute to load, and then start sliding!}


Who: National Award winner Horus, aka Arnab Sikder, is an animation and film design graduate from National Institute of Design. He now tattoos full-time at his own tattoo studio in Guwahati, called Godspeed Tattoos. His street art work is mostly focused on surreal representations of wildlife.

What: The mural, titled GARB AGE, is a subtle take on consumerism and its effect on the world around us; think the adverse effects on nature and wildlife.

Where: Garbage Collection Centre, D 238-247, Defence Colony


Who: Chifumi is a French artist currently living in Cambodia. {He’s been travelling around Asia since 2011}. Chifumi explores various hand expressions in his art and through signs, morals or an abstract way of communication, he throws light on the gaps between western and oriental cultures. 

What: Titled Padma, this is one of the fist pieces of the Lodhi Art District, that is being carried out with the PWD {with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in tow}. This is inspired from Padma Mudra—a symbolic Indian hand gesture to depict a lotus mixed with Khmer patterns from Cambodia.

Where: Lodhi Art District – Block 4, Opposite Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony

Colectivo Licuado + AlfaAlfa

Who: Coming in from Uruguay, Colectivo Licuado consists of Fitz {Florence Duran} and Theic {Camilo Nuñez}. They’ve been involved in street art since 2010 and specialise in adding colour to public and private spaces, combining place with its culture in their artwork.

AlfAlfa adopted his name in 2008, to approach the public realm as an anonymous identity beautifying cities by creating murals with enigmatic meanings and colours.

What: The trio spent a few weeks in Delhi and added several elements they found interesting in the city. They also left a really interesting token for the tea vendor who has a stall next to the wall.

Where: MCD Dhalao {Garbage Collection Center} at Captain Gaur Marg. {Opposite Tivoli Cititel and Near Rama Gallery, Lajpat Nagar – IV}