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Cooking Experiments With Chef In A Box

Navni posted on 19th August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Chef In A box sends you step-by-step recipes from some of the best chefs in town, along with a box full of pre-measured, ingredients enabling you to recreate a restaurant dish in your own kitchen.

What’s In Store

Currently, Chef in a Box has a curated set of recipes from restaurants and home chef establishments, including Bengali food from Bong Appetit, vegetarian recipes from Ruchi Gupta’s Kitchen, Thai and Burmese by Shreyaa’s Kitchen, Awadhi fare by Delicious Days, and desserts by Whisk A Wish.

How It Works

You get everything you need in a box {minus the utensils and water}, with the ingredients not only individually packed, but numbered according to the steps in the recipe. They even send you the optimal amount of coriander to garnish your dish with afterwards.

Much hassle avoided.

What We Loved

Not having to chop onions! When we fired up our stoves and put on our aprons, we were geared up to sweat, a la Masterchef. Instead, what followed was a smooth affair.

The Chicken Stew turned out to be a stunning creamy colour packed with flavour, the Bhetki Bhapa, slightly bitter and delish and the tiramisu, a creamy affair with the coffee flavour coming out strong through the layers. The sense of accomplishment we felt was immense. They’ve recently added Gulabi Gulle {pink rasgullas} by Food Magic.

The only challenge came with the Golbari Style Mutton Kosha- the dish is perhaps reserved for slightly more advanced cooks.


Although the recipes were concise and elaborate, we’d say, don’t follow them blindly. Most of our dishes got done way before the prep time given to us, so it would be advisable to keep checking up on your dish even if you’ve been told to let it simmer for 20 minutes.

Chef in a Box

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