Cute Overload: Studio Kiklee’s Home Linen & Tableware Looks Straight Out Of Pinterest


Much as we like kitsch and drama, we like it interspersed with something clean and candy-coloured. Studio Kiklee is the latter and we love its handcrafted products and exquisite craftsmanship. The trays, cheese boards, aprons and more are complete model material; They’re picture perfect.

Ready To Get Bowled Over?

Just one look at the website and you’ll know that everything is a labour of love. Sure enough, founder Simrat Kohli has put a lot of thought into this venture. Thank her background into decor and styling and she makes sure that not only is the quality Kiklee tableware impeccable but everything even comes together like romantic poetry. Obviously, who else would appreciate the power of presentation than a stylist who’s worked for years for magazine covers.

We’ve seen many brands so what Kiklee is trying but its tableware and linen are a soothing sight after a shouting match. They are the sunshine at the end of the tunnel and everything we need to bring a semblance of colour coded symmetry to our otherwise messy house. These bowls, for instance, look like they were meant to forever hold our chips and ice-cream. This cake stand is a vision straight out of our high tea dream. And, if your heart doesn’t melt looking at these aprons, we don’t even know who you are.

A few years later, you’ll probably find us chilling wines, stocking cutlery and drinking green teas in their dining line.

Clearly, we have no fixed favourites here because love doesn’t play one thing over the other.

So, We're Saying...

Browse through the collection here and we’re sure you’ll be parting with a lot of your salary soon.