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Chicken Soup and Much More For The Soul | Yumist launches in Gurgaon

Aditi posted on 3rd November

By Aditi Datta

You can pull out your pistachio crusted basa fillet, you can draw out your truffle oil, you can dice and slice and chop and pickle every exotic vegetable in the world, but on sad days and rainy mornings, the only thing that will do is your ma ke haath ka rajma chawal.

Prenatal psychologists have actually researched what it is about our mums’ cooking that makes us think - no matter how many gourmet chefs we’ve crossed, our mommies best. Apparently the smell of frequent foods cooked at home are irretrievably linked to centers in our brain that cue comfort. And so it takes nothing more than a whiff of your equivalent of my aloo paratha to say, Toto – we’re home.

So you’ll find us washed and scrubbed, tapping toes against table legs as we patiently wait for the brilliant dishes done by Yumist. A new venture that’s started in Gurgaon, Yumist makes comfort food available {to borrow from Coca-Cola} within a finger’s reach of desire.

Download the Yumist app, browse the dishes available that day, tap on whatever you fancy, and expect a beautifully prepared fresh hot meal delivered to your desk. The founders, Alok Jain and Abhimanyu Maheshwari, found that too many of us live away from home {especially us in Gurgaon}, and restaurant food doesn’t quite have the same appeal, healthfulness or magic. While many of us can get behind a chopping board, there’s at least one moment in a week when you’d just like your favourite dish brought to you, no questions asked.

Alok & Abhimanyu researched among their audience to find out what comfort means to different people – it could be Thai curry, macaroni and cheese, or simply Maggi and nimbu paani. The Yumist menu is a rotating one – much like being at home, you can’t ask for just about anything you fancy unless you want to be told off for mistaking your house for a hotel.

The Yumist app is a pretty smart one too – it picks up your location, so once you’ve decided what you want, there’s no conversation torture where you painstakingly spell each letter of your building’s name with a matching word {which personally is a game I’ve started  enjoying. C for chimichanga, anyone?}

Of course this needs a one time registration, and the first time you order from a location, it will ask for the flat or office number so your meal can reach your doorstep. In the future, the app will also be able to store your credit card details – Alok told us it’s important to the plan, so that the transactional bit of ordering food is done away with. After all, you don’t take your wallet out at home when your chilli cheese toast pops up in front of you.

For the app-averse lot {there are those too!}, online ordering starts November.

So for the odd moment that you’re acutely aware of being a hundred miles away from home, we’re glad tender loving care on tap is only twenty minutes away.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

Yumist is an app-based delivery service for comfort food, with a rotating menu of dishes most frequently craved. They deliver fresh, hot, healthily prepared home-style food to the hungry or homesick in Gurgaon. It launches in Cyber City only for now, and is available on Android. Wait till the end of the year for the iOS version, and expanded delivery area.

For more information, click here  

To download the Android app, click here  

Prices: On average, veg options between INR 85 – 105 and non veg. options between INR 115 – 145.

PS: Starting today, our readers can get a free comfort meal using coupon code LBB upon checkout. They need to download the Android app, fill in the one time registration, order, enter coupon code, and that’s it! There is such a thing as a free meal. Offer valid till Friday, and only available in Cyber City for now.

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