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This Children's Book Collection Will Help Your Kids Get Back To Reading

Abhijeet posted on 27 December

What Is It?

Maya Angelou, the American civil-right activist, once said ‘any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his needs, is good for him’. And, if you have been struggling to get your child to pick a book, here’s a collection, replete with stories of adventure, courage, and fun, which has the potential to become a cornerstone of your child’s reading habit.

Picture This!

The first in the collection is a picture book for younger audience called Meet Zippy. It’s educational, interactive and exciting for children who are in the nascent stage of learning. It’s a story of Zippy the Zebra as he goes on an adventure with his friends.

Discover The Lost World

Dinosaurs have a way of evoking interest in all of us, and when a mix of fact and fiction takes you along the banks of Narmada, exploring the hidden world of lost dinosaurs, it will pique your kid’s curiosity too!

Few Of Our Favourite Things

Ruskin Bond is one of those authors you simply can’t help but love. And in this new book, one gets to discover everything about the man; from his favorite trees, hobbies to his most memorable moments. The series will explore unknown things about various authors, sportspersons, artists and more.


Remember the times our grandmothers used to tell us about characters {both human and mythical}, and the way it made us feel? Folktales You Can Carry Around retell those stories but with humor, filled with adventure and quirky illustrations. The latest collection from HarperCollins is dedicated to kids, and covers a range of genres for all kinds of young learners. From fantasy reads to poems, modern-day stories of adventure and courage to activity based coloring books, this children’s book collection will get every child interested and get them back to reading. Follow HarperCollins on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and get updates on the latest books and collections.