By Aditi Datta

It isn’t just you. We also find ourselves saying, in a good mix of semi-awe and semi-complaint, that while growing up, we never had the kind of stuff that children do nowadays. While letting kids be kids is all that it is cracked up to be, we’re glad that there is a wave of intelligent products and services that put in a whole lot of thought for our littlest humans. And take away none of the fun.

Both the services we’ve picked for this spotlight came after looking for a solution to a situation, not finding one, and then going on to make it themselves. Little Royals and Traveller Kids are making a play for it.

For When They’re Outdoors


The team behind Little Royals went looking for footwear with intelligence, which seems to be so easily available in the West. Sadly, they weren’t able to get cool kiddie shoes, other than the mass-produced knock offs from the Far East.  Little feet need extra special care during their formative years, so they develop correctly for those big steps they’ll be taking later on in life.

For those who don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for imported shoes that have all the technical wizardry tiny soles deserve, we’d say give Little Royals a shot. They stock “feature rich” shoes from prominent global brands, and before you cower in horror – they’re not anything like the corrective orthopedic footwear we’ve been scarred by. Their own brand of crochet and soft sole shoe-booties are  meant for wobbly first steps, since proper shoes aren’t recommended until toddlers are toddling. We’re loving the Old Soles collection, as much as the Pinky Promises they make on their site.


Price: Products start at INR 599 for newborns and pre-walkers; products start at INR 1499 up to INR 5500 for walking kids up to 5-6 years of age. Orders come with a table size chart for parents to be up to date on sizing requirements.

For When They’re Indoors


Although they have a long way to go before conquering the world, there’s no reason kids can’t globe trot {so to say} sitting where they are. Traveller Kids makes travel-inspired games that involve hands-on learning and lessons in geography, so children can have their share of fun on the path to becoming worldly wise.

Their flagship product is their series of Country Boxes – an activity box themed according to one particular country. We loved the Japan one, which includes a letter about the country from a Japanese child, two traditional games played by the cuties in Kyoto, origami kits, a sticker sheet, visa sticker, boarding pass, and a Ninja pillow! They recommend a subscription model so kids can get a new box every couple of months. Of the other games, we’re loving the French Soap Making Kit and the Block Printing Kit, and we’re mega-loving the Dinosaur Feet! Psst… Mum, great ideas for return presents too. Come on – we know you got game!


Price: Toys start at INR 100; Country Boxes at INR 1200