Chocolate Injection-Any one? Try It At Nibs Cafe, Jaipur!

    What Makes It Awesome?

    You are missing something in life if you have not been to Nibs Cafe, Jaipur. They have a Chocolate Injection in their menu in the real syringe; push the plunger keeping the other side directly into your mouth. Believe me, heaven is right here. Nibs tasting plate very reasonably priced at INR 249 is a complete platter of their specialty items, they have chocolate shots, chocolates and other items in the platter. Waffle lovers have a vast variety to choose from. From pizzas to maggies to Lasagna you will all love it here.

    What Could Be Better?

    A perfect place for chocolate lovers

    Anything Else?

    Go chocolicious with a pot of love of melted chocolate, cold coffees, chocolate pizzas and what not at Nibs cafe. You have a large no.of chocolate variants to choose from. Smart Gift packs are also available at Nibs.