Break The Pattern: Take On Street Running To Explore Your City & Get Fit

Abhijeet posted on 09 February


Run-of-the-mill fitness routines that involve running are so passé, right? We feel you and so, let us give you the deets on street running.

What Is It, Exactly?

Street running marries fitness with the art of self-expression, and weaves them into the urban landscape. It’s like exploring the city on foot all the while thinking ‘Hey, I haven’t seen this, plus I’m going to be fit at the end of it’.

This could very well be the training regimen you have been waiting for, and who knows, as you go about discovering the city, you may find something about yourself too.

So, The City Is My Playground?

Exactly! The city is endless and more often than not you feel like you’re getting boxed in. Well, not anymore, because street running allows you to conquer the most daunting aspects of the city -the  noise, crowd, traffic, steel and concrete, and use them to have fun and get fit.

And It Can Get Competitive…

If you’re out with friends on a street run, it gets better, mainly because the city is your only competition and you have to conquer it. Although, the idea here is just to maneuver the urban landscape and discover parts of the city you haven’t explored yet.

Do I Need Specific Gear?

Nope. Just wear something comfortable. We do believe it is important to wear proper pair of shoes which can withstand the pressure and maintain grip as you go around hopping in the city.

Luckily, adidas launched #PureBoost in Mumbai one Feb 5 – celebrities like Karan Wahi and Luke Kenny ran in the city at 3am—which are specially made for street running. We recommend you buying yourself a pair!

Where I Can Practice?

Honestly, the whole city is at your feet. Just pay attention to every street and every corner and you are very likely to find a great spot. Else, you can always head to the Hauz Khas Fort and level up.

Now, all you need is some good old will and we promise you can do it! Be careful out there.

Check out this cool video about street running below and escape the grid.

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