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The Closet Diaries | Baroque-Chic

Suchita posted on 26th November

DSC_0023{On Sara | Pink angora sweater: H&M; Pants: River Island; Shoes: River Island; Bracelet: H&M; Earrings:; Glasses: Tom Ford}

Let's just begin by stating the obvious- Sara Awwad is a very pretty girl. The half Syrian, half Persian Fashion Stylist and Graphic Designer stands at 5 feet 9 inches, has walnut-brown-Rapunzel-esque hair, porcelain skin, sea-green eyes, and is very lean. On meeting her, my first {obvious} thought is- this girl can carry off anything! She doesn't have desi hips, punju arms, or the myriad problems that often deter me from fitting into the popular definition of trendy. When she opened her wardrobe though, I didn't find any of the items I assumed I would- there were no tight bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, tank-tops and sheer blouses; Quite the contrary, in fact. It's packed with clothing in silhouettes and cuts that are flattering, classic and simple, and in prints, patterns and breathtaking textures. The funk and fun in her wardrobe comes from her collection of accessories; we rummaged through boxes packed with jewels, a duo of umbrella-esque hats, a stunning mustard-gold vintage jacket embroided intricately, and tiger print kicks that should be a winter wardrobe must have.

“My personal style is always a mix. There are days I enjoy bringing lots of cultural influences in my look.. like a fusion between Indian, Persian and western.. I feel that is what adds 'Saraness' to my work and style.” She returned from Milan recently, after studying Fashion Communication at Istituto Marangoni, and her trip had a huge impact on her sartorial sense. Sara fondly speaks of how it encouraged her to figure out what makes her special, and where her style file lies. “As cliché as it sounds, my style advice would be to be you… Learn to appreciate the art of branding yourself by creating your signature look, and that’s what’s going to make people remember you by. It’s always good to be the pink sheep!”

Sara's latest venture’s been taking most of her time. She and her best friend from Pakistan, Mona, recently started a blog called Saronsays. She describes it as “a collaborative visual journal between two friends living on either side of the Indo-Pak border.” For the young stylist, there's a certain kind of assortment that trickles into her closet as well- her sense of style is a mix of things from all over the world and across eras. There's a hint of the 60s in her signature cat-eye lined eyes, retro in her neon accessories, printed skinny pants call out to more today trends, and her hippie-esque swagger carries her from casual to formal.

Here's the style diary of Sara Awwad.

sara-awwad-printed-pants{What makes it to Sara's wardrobe must-haves? One printed or a bright color blazer, that one perfect fit skinny black pants, something vintage, a collection of chunky jewels, and everyone must have a pair of metallic cuffs.}

sara-awwad-jacket-4sara-awwad-jacket bluestudded

sara-awwad-jewellery-2{My favourite books are Perspolis by Marjane Satrapi and The Laws of the Spirit World by Khorshid Bhavnagri}

sara-awwad-look-3{On Sara | Hat: H&M; Top: Zara; Pants: Mango; Cuff: Anna Dello Russo for H&M; Belt: Bershka; Shoes: H&M}

sara-awwad-look-2-close-upsara-awaad-broah{The pin up board in her room has snippets of her favourite moments over the past couple of years. Her most loved accessories are a Vintage Chanel Bag, YSL ring, Prada sunglasses, Anna Della Russo for H&M cuff, and "this bohemian looking necklace I bought for the models for H&M collaboration."}

sara-awwad-portfolio{"If you are having a bad wardrobe day, always go bohemian. Just something about flowy ethnic prints that make you look good on your of days."}

hats2 sara-awwad-collagesara-awwad-shoes-2 sara-awwad-clutches

{Where do you shop in Delhi? "I don’t really restrict myself. But I do have some favorite spots for various parts of my wardrobe. I love going to khan, haus khas village and sarojini to find unique jewelry pieces. I love kinari bazaar for interesting borders, beads and studs that I love sticking on my clothes. I absolutely love the store Kitsch has some of my favorite brands. Mango and Zara is a definite go to place for the basics, but always needs a bit of street shopping to make your look more interesting."}

sara-awwad-makeup sara-awwad-perfumes


Tweed pants and printed trousers | Fabrics from HP Singh {Nehru Place}; tailored at Khanna Market.

Blazers and coats | Mango and Zara are staples; Leather jackets from Paharganj; Sequin jackets available at Sarojini Nagar.

Accessories | Nimai {Shahpur Jat}; Janpath {street stores} for turquoise jewelry; Prerto

Clutches | Baroque,, Sanya V Jain

Hats | Miss Jo, Zara

Make-up | Gel eyeliner from Maybelline


Introduction by Suchita S. 

Photography & Styling by Bani Chawla

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