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Closet Diaries | Dhruv Kapoor

Suchita posted on 6th August

By Suchita S. & Rushil Khokar IMG_9320

I'd been hearing of this 'really talented designer who makes gorgeous clothes' for a few months, before we finally met at his home in Sainik Farms. Friends of mine - stylists, contemporary designers and artists - have complimented his creativity, aesthetic and sense of style, and he's won accolades for bringing a linear perspective to Indian fashion. I imagined him to be this statuesque, slightly uptight, incredibly busy gentleman, who'd give me an hour by the clock to shoot this edition of closet diaries, and won't be too keen on entertaining questions beyond the realm of fashion and clothes. But when you meet someone for the very first time and conversations go from design and fashion influences to our personal ideals and philosophy in life, you know that there's more to them that just panels of clothes, shades {oh, so many shades} and even more shoes.

After graduating from LSE with a degree in Economics, he worked with Harvey Nichols and thereafter made his way back to India to pursue his one true passion. Why economics then? 'I wanted to understand how business works in totality. I don't do anything that I don't understand, which is why I don't do Indian clothing. It's not my style.' His creations are an extension of his own personal style in a lot of ways - monochromatic, geometric, details, and an appreciation for all things fine. Shirts in Egyptian cotton are an addition to his collection - gentlemen, they feel like heaven - and his Linawitz coat made using handwoven angora with a smooth silk-satin lining is worth spending your month's savings. 'Fashion plays a role in everyone's life I suppose. It's your daily communique to the world, telling people who you are.'

His wardrobe has labels that any man, or woman, would be happy to flaunt - from Dolce and Gabbana, plenty of Rick Owens, Prada, Lanvin… he has them all. But you'll never find the label or the logo anywhere apart from where it's meant to be - tucked neatly somewhere inside the garment. "I think that's a piece of advice I'd give to anyone; for me, I buy these clothes because of the technique and thought that's gone into creating them and the fit they offer."

'My own philosophical convictions, mostly about moving past social convention, inspire me. What I do makes me happy, everyday. And that's paramount." Having showcased at Lakme Fashion Week last fall, he’s working on his Spring Summer collection now. We were given a sneak peek, and I can't hardly wait to get myself a DRVV sheer cozy, and flaunt a Linawitz in the winter.

Dhruv's more than just his clothes and his brand - sure he's tall, handsome, cultured and polite. But the depth in his thoughts, his understanding of the little things, and his strong sense of self could make him a friend, philosopher and guide.


{Favourite big money purchase of all time | Rick Owens one-shoulder Backpack in Deer; Shoes: Margiela}

{Trousers, DRVV}
'My first piece of fashion advice to gentlemen - fasten the correct button on your suits. In 2 button suits, only the top one  should be buttoned. And for 3 button suits, follow the rule 'Sometimes-Always-Never'. Also, your socks should be at least a shade darker than your trousers, no exceptions.'

{Dhruv's Wardrobe Must-Haves | Rick's basic tees {pictured}, skinny black cotton twill trousers, cozy}

'While there are days I can't think to wear anything more than a tee and shorts or a sweatshirt and tracks, it's actually quite simple! All you have to do is curate a wardrobe of monochromatic basics that you'd be happy to wear anytime, mix n match every morning - et voila!' IMG_9164

{The Master & the muse | Pillar Dress by DRVV. He's made renditions for Men & Women}

'Fashion advice to ladies? One accessory at a time is more than enough! Also, embellishments distract from you; if its about you, avoid them.'

{Good shoes are a man's best friend | Prada; Dolce & Gabbana}

Where do you shop? ''

IMG_9256 - Copy

 {Good shoes take you good places | Prada}


 {In his carry on | Sanitizer, lip balm, mint, perfume}


What's on your bedside table? 'Estee Lauder ReNutriv Body Cream and Hand Cream, OPI Cuticle Oil, Creme de La Mer Lip Balm. Other favourite products of mine are Kerastase Elixir Ultime and Benefit Boiing.'


 {Shades of grey, black and brown | Mix of Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Armani}


{A Few of his Favourite Things | Lanvin Chiffon on Jersey sweatsuit - unbeatable comfort and softness. Also pictured: grey leather jacket, Zara; sleeveless black jacket, DRVV}


{LBBD's DRVV Must-Haves | Tee-zero-one, Sheer Cozy {above} & Linawitz coat}


 {Dhruv's design inspiration | 'My own philosophical convictions, mostly about moving past social convention.'}

Photographed by | Rushil Khokhar