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This Brand Is Reinventing The White Shirt With Quirky Customisations That You Must Own


The classic white shirt has remained a staple in our closet over the years. But, how can one make it stand out? A fun, young label called Sarto has been reinventing this classic with their quirky (yet minimal) customisations. Check it out. 

What Makes It Awesome

Adding that edge to everyday clothing, Sarto’s shirts are tailor-made, to fit-to-perfection. Their clothing is designed with excellent craftsmanship, with intricate designs being woven into their crisp, white shirts. You can get any kind of customisation done, or even choose from one of their designs.

They have tiny pizzas (pizza = bae), pandas, colourful slogans and quirky one-liners like ‘Boy, Bye’, 'Shopping Is My Cardio' and more printed on white shirts and tees. They’ll even do a customised mini-portrait of your dog on a shirt for you. The great thing about a white shirt is that it’s for everyone and no matter what the occasion, you can’t go wrong with it. So style these funky shirts however you want, buy a bunch of matching ones for your gang, or gift a personalised one to a friend.

What Could Be Better

While we know they only do all things white, some more basic colour options would be amazing. 


Some of their designs are limited edition like their themed designs – you'll find tees with spades, kings, and queens in geometric patterns printed on them.

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