What Is It?

CMYK bookstore is running a four-day flash sale where books across categories will have cray discounts {think anything between 20-70%}. It’s a similar story with Nur running a sale on their soft furnishings, with yummy cushion covers, bed linen and more at perhaps half the price.

Who Is It For?

Photo source: CMYK Bookstore

Photo source: CMYK Bookstore

Bookworms, hoarders of alternative works of literature and those who feel like the genres they like are always under-represented in mainstream bookshops; do not miss going to CMYK.

If you’re hoping to do up your room but have walked out of Nur feeling bummed out because most things are out of your budget, this is your moment under the sun. The prices of some things have been slashed by upto 70%! Yay, you can finally save enough to have that red velvet at Elma’s.

Why Should I Go For It?

Well, these are two amazing stores literally a five-min walk from each other, and will allow you to lay your hands on books that are hard to find in regular bookstores along with the chance to get new cushion covers and soft furnishings to do up your reading corner. Basically, you’re killing two birds with one arrow here.

Anything Else?

Don’t have it in you to get out of bed? Go here to buy Nur’s unbelievably pretty discounted products online.

We also hear that the discounts at the stores are here to stay till the end of the month, but the stocks are only going to go down by the hour. As for CMYK, new titles will go on sale once the flash sale is over – but there’ll be discounts nevertheless.

Featured photo source: Nur