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Usual Salads Feel Boring? Try Our Apple-Walnut Twist with Coco Soul’s Virgin Coconut Oil!

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Whether it be 4 PM or 4 AM hunger pangs, usual salads don’t just satisfy those cravings, right? Try our version of the Apple Walnut Salad that’s made with fresh seasonal apples and roasted walnuts, and makes for the perfect mid-day meal.

Make sure you buy a bottle of Coco Soul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil to add a delicious zing to your salad bowl. Coco soul cold pressed virgin coconut oil helps in managing weight, supports memory function and boosts energy. Wait no more, go get mixing already!


1 bottle of Coco Soul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
1 cup of roasted and crumbled walnuts
1 teaspoon sesame seeds
Half cup castor sugar
2 diced apples
2 tablespoons honey


Add the diced apples to your salad bowl
Add the roasted and crumbled walnuts
Sprinkle in the sesame seeds
Add a dash of honey and some castor sugar to taste
Drizzle Coco Soul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil for a licious flavour
Stir and combine all the ingredients and it’s done!

Yes, it’s that simple and easy. Get ready to indulge your taste buds and slay your Instagram feed too!

Food Stores

Coco Soul

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