Clay Mugs & Stone Plates: Get Sustainable Kitchenware From This Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    If making your meal-and-beverage hours the best time of your day is on your radar (as if they aren't already the best, duh), then Codesustain's eco-friendly, sustainable, and amazingly beautiful range of home and kitchenware is just what you need.

    Made lovingly by artisans from across India are mugs, plates, bowls, and placemats that'll fill you up with joy and make your Instagram feed aesthetically pleasing. There's a Black Cuisinart Pasta Plate made of stone, the Longpi coffee mugs and bowls in matte black from Manipur that are made of a combination of Serpentinite stone and weathered rock, and cane placemats in oblong and round shapes that are great for decor and placing dishes. They say that the food tastes better in this impeccable pottery and we truly believe them. And the quality means the products will last you a long, long time.

    Prices for Codesustain's products start at INR 1,001 (shagun!) and you can shop for them right here on LBB.