Hey, Healthy Eaters! Check Out These 5 Places That Serve Gluten-Free Food In Delhi

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Are you looking to cut out gluten from your diet for either medical or just general fitness reasons? Don’t stress, because we’ve shortlisted these cafes in Delhi with great gluten-free selections in their menus for you to explore.

Fab Cafe

With items like Jackfruit Egg Parantha and momos made with root starches, this cafe has some of the best, gluten-free options on its menu. So head on over for a wholesome, healthy meal and maybe even indulge yourself with some artisanal ice cream {masala chai flavour, anyone?}.


Town Hall

Asian cuisines are often a good option when going gluten-free, and Townhall in Khan Market is a great place to go for this. With their huge selection of sushi and seafood, Townhall is a good decision for all East Asian food lovers.

The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe

If you’re in the mood for something a little more regional, Potbelly in Shahpur Jat is the place for you. The dishes here work in a lot of different grains, and thus provide a wholesome alternative to wheat. So, do visit this funky place for a taste of some delicious, Bihari food!

Machan - The Taj Mahal Hotel

Out to spend good money on a gourmet meal? Head to this restaurant in the Taj Mahal Hotel, themed around the traditional shikaar of days gone by. Though this place does not have a huge selection of gluten-free foods, they do provide gluten-free pastas in a choice of sauces which is a much healthier alternative to flour-based pastas, apart from their whole wheat and homemade pastas. They also have a massive, scrumptious selection of salads in both a la carte and buffet options. So, take a bite of luxurious living with Machan.

Ping's Cafe Orient

Ping’s Cafe Orient on Lodhi Road is another must-visit on this list. Serving delectable Asian cuisines, this place does not only have a solid, gluten-free selection but also has a selection of delicious, guilt-free, healthy food, with variations on dishes like ramen, rolls and rice.