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Is Coldplay Coming To Delhi In November?

Jayati posted on 28 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

Coldplay fans, unite and rejoice: We've heard the UK rock band is set to perform in India on November 19, either in Delhi or Mumbai. Either which way, we want to book tickets.

Rumour Has It

2016 may just turn out to be the year Indians finally get to see Coldplay perform live, as part of Coldplay frontman's Chris Martins' involvement with Global Poverty Charity, according to Mumbai Mirror and Festival Sherpa.

The venue or the city hasn't been officially given out yet, neither has there been any official announcement from the band, but a date November 19, 2016 has been published by Mumbai Mirror. Fans have waited with baited breath ever since Chris Martin dropped Viva La Vida in Summerhouse Cafe in a secret concert last year.

They also shot their super desi video, Hymn For The Weekend in India, which had a blink and miss appearance by Sonam Kapoor. So the question really is: Do we finally get a Coldplay concert in India? We hope so!

So We're Thinking..

If Coldplay is going to be performing in November in India, we're hoping for public sale of tickets, and only wish apart from their latest album, A Head Full Of Dreams, they do songs from the earlier albums, Parachutes, X&Y and of course, A Rush Of Blood To The Head.

Featured photo courtesy: Coldplay