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Colour Me Coffee: OLIO’s Latest Collection Is Inspired By The Coffee Bean

Ipsita posted on 22nd July

The Scoop

OLIO’s latest collection comes from their collaboration with our very favourite coffee shop in town, Blue Tokai! There was no way we were not going to jump up in excitement over this {though this might also have been due to the fourth cup of coffee we were having for the day}.

This collection is called Bean, and takes inspiration from the journey of coffee from the seed stage to the steaming cup of cortado in your hands.

The Style

200716_OLIOThe colour scheme of the collection evolves the way colour of coffee evolves through drying, roasting, and grinding—from a deep burgundy cherry to a desert sandy shade, and then a wholewheat beige to a darkly-roasted cocoa brown.

Soft summer fabrics {like khadi} have been used to create voluminous silhouettes. The inspiration of coffee is heavily evident in the colours, as well as in tiny details like a quietly placed bean button.

What We Love

We love that the folks at OLIO could take inspiration from something as everyday as the coffee bean. We love the back of the Coffee Tonic dress and this midi dress is also lovely!

Who It’s For

All them coffee lovers! If you find yourself often attracted towards earthy shades like browns, beiges, and burgundies, you’ll love this collection.

Also, it's great for dusky folks, as these colours look especially exotic on darker skin tones.

Where: Shop the collection here

Price: Between INR 2,700 – 3,700

Follow OLIO on Facebook here.

Photos courtesy: OLIO


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